Yes, I said, “Mind Over Moo.”

I’m just going to come out and say it: life gets busy and we get fat.

The only acceptable "moo-moo."

I’m a Cooper Aerobics Center Certified Personal Trainer and former fitness junkie who took a rather painful tumble off the wagon. Most important, I am happily married and have three kids, two jobs, and one home to maintain. I understand the insanity of life, but I do know that sacrificing your personal fitness is NOT worth it.

This blog chronicles my “return to fitness” journey, and will provide some information and motivation for others who are desperately wanting to get fit . . . but can’t seem to find the time, energy, or discipline to make it happen.

It’s important. We can’t be who we were created to be (Ephesians 2:10) if we aren’t performing at our full physical potential. Obesity and poor health can affect more than your ability to get into your favorite little black dress; it has a direct impact on your emotional health, your energy level, your self image . . . and everything you do!

(Having said all that, no one wants to wear a moo-moo, so let’s get fit . . . TOGETHER!)

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