Confession Is Good for the Soul

. . . so, I have to admit: I haven’t worked out since Sunday, May 8. That’s almost 2 weeks! From personal illness to a husband that went out of town for 8 days . . . I just haven’t found — no, I just haven’t MADE — the time.

In spite of this, my weight loss continues. 142lbs to 126lbs. I credit the vast majority of the pounds lost to being consistent with my morning Greek yogurt routine, my afternoon Shakeology lunch replacement shake, and sensible dinners. I’ve watched my carb intake, cutting virtually all sugar, pasta, and heavy breads from my diet, and I continue to look for protein-rich and fiber-rich foods.

I’m sure that by now I sound like a broken record, but guys — diet is huge. I’m not for a moment dismissing exercise. It is, without a doubt, crucial to your health and necessary for achieving/maintaining your weight-loss goals, but sometimes life’s circumstances just don’t allow the time for it.

(Having said that, I jump back on it today! Wish me luck!)

mind over moo tip no. 7

It doesn’t take any extra time to eat right. Just do it. (Short tip, but that’s really all that needs to be said!)


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